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Firstly just to inform this entry is from my previous blog and being publish on 7th April 2010. I really like this entry since i already Private that blog i would like to share on my public blog. Here it is present to all our readers ^_^ . Read and share your thought on my story telling plot .

Pyaar Impossible
Distributed : YashRaj Films
Year : 2010
Genre : Romantic Comedy

Synopsis :

Plot 1 : Introducing Alisha and Abhay

This Movie involves around two person that very different one a geek it is Abhay Sharma (Uday Chopra) and a beauty it is Alisha Merchant(Priyanka Chopra) this movie place moves around University in California .Alisha is the most beautiful girl in the university with a lot of secret admired.This secret admires is included one of the geek it is Abhay. Abhay is really fall in love with alisha secretly.
songs : Alisha

Plot 2 : The Geek save the Beauty

One day Alisha is drunk after a party and accidental fall into a river .Abhay jump in and save Alisha but Alisha didn't recognized who exactly the one who save her from drowning.The Next Day Abhay try to meet Alisha but then he heard a shouting from Alisha room.Alisha is being taking out of the university by her father and Abhay lost his first love.

Plot 3 : After 7 Years

For Seven Years Abhay dreaming of Alisha in this time Abhay succeed create a program that being name UNIFY. Unfortunately the program is stolen from him by a man name Varun Siddarth Singh(Dino Morea).

Plot 4 : Tracing Varun , Meet Alisha.

Abhay try to find Varun to Singapore because Varun try to sell the program in Singapore.At Singapore he accidentally meet Alisha after 7 years. but Alisha now is a Single divorced Mother with a 6 years old daughter. Her daughter , Tania Merchant (Advika Yadav) is very naughty. All her nanny can't bear to work taking care of Tania even a single minute .Alisha try to find a new nanny immediately and call a nanny centre to send a new nanny immediately ,but the centre didn't send any nanny
Plot 5 : A new nanny can't He?

but then Abhay Ring the bell and alisha taught that Abhay is a new nanny yang dihantar oleh nanny centre and leave tania with Abhay.Tania is treat abhay worse until alisha back home and Alisha begging to abhay to be a nanny to tania and he agreed.The next day Abhay job is to clean rumah alisha but then dia upah syarikat pembersihan untuk bersihkan the whole house
Songs : 10 on 10

Plot 6 : Abhay meet Varun...

Alisha try to get Varun attention on her but a little bit shy but then she got an idea to ask a few friend to eat dinner at her house and also invite Varun, this plot was so funny when Alisha ask Abhay to cook Thai food but Abhay buy it at Thai Restaurant.At the dinner the situation get a little bit chaos when Abhay appear with a few crazy way to avoid Varun know about him.

Plot 7 : Tania Likes!, even not the type of mom like..

For these plot Tania try to help Abhay get more close with her mum, Alisha. When this plot appear they wre chit-chat about how Love is Impossible for Geek and beauty to be together and Alisha try to denied it and starting that time they were more closed and open toward each other. When Alisha and Abhay try to talk from heart to heart , Abhay tell a story about a girl he loved secretly without mention it was Alisha but the Varun came by to her house and saw Abhay and tell a lie story to Alisha that Abhay try to steal the program Varun created.Abhay explained it but then Alisha more believe to varun.
songs : Pyaar Impossible

Plot 8 : Songs remind Alisha of the past

Tania do a performance at school by using her Mum story without knowing it. In her singing telling a story about how A man save a girl from drowning and lost his love, is all remind Alisha to the person that save her from drowning and remember of all her old story. The story song tell how Abhay save her and how they separated for 7 years, but then Alisha realized about Abhay and try to find Abhay immediately with Tania. Alisha confess at video conference then after that they were meet and confess their love towards each other and getting together .

Plot 9 : Ending Love Story

Alisha go to the press conference of UNIFY launching,On the launching Varun can't open the access to unify since Abhay already hack the program and change the password. When Alisha appeared at the press conference, she tell the truth to Press and Abhay prove it to all that unify is his property and he was the designer and creator of Unify program.Police arrested for stealing and that's all Happy Ending for Alisha and Abhay.
Songs : You and Me
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