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It's been awhile since i start writing on this blog . Sorry for my Poor English grammar. This Drama story really caught my attention since the first episode . All the BGM melody really make my heart flutter. Especially Calvin Chen Song " Exchange Live". Even the story and the actor was really good. I really Love Jasper Liu acting. He was an great actor, the way he act as Ling Hong Pei and Bryant Chang (actually this is his first drama that i watch) , he was good to be Wang Shu hai. The Ghost-Human friendship really bond strong between the two character. It did not disturbed me to watch this drama between the love between Han Si Yi and Ling Hong Pei but i more appreciated to watch the friendship between Hong Pei and Shu Hai. I really hope there were Season 2 for this drama. By the way stop with all of my thaught . This is the info of this drama ^_^


Title: 我的鬼基友 / Wǒ de guǐ jī yǒu
English title: I Am Sorry, I Love You / My Ghost Boyfriend
Genre: Modern, Romance
Episodes: 13
Broadcast Date: August 29, 2015 - November 21, 2015


When the man you love dies in a tragic accident, is it possible to go on with your life? Han Si Yi (Andrea Chen) was happy with her life with her boyfriend Ling Hong Pei (Jasper Liu), but Hong Pei dies tragically in a car accident one day. Unable to move on to the other world, Hong Pei lingers around his ex-girlfriend after becoming a ghost and tries to help her recover from her devastating loss. Can Hong Pei help Si Yi find happiness again with the nerdy Wang Shu Hai (Bryant Chang)? “I Am Sorry, I Love You” is a 2015 Taiwanese drama series directed by Wang Shi Rui. - Copy Paste Online ^_^

Cast :-

Jasper Liu - Lin Hong Pei

Andrea Chen - Han Si Yi

Bryant Chang - Wang Shu Hai

Preview : -

BGM : -

Mister Mouth - Beautiful Day

Calvin Chen - Exchange Lives

Dennis Sun - In a World Without You
Miya Shia - Bǐ'ànhuā

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